Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take a risk

I called my hubby as usual the other day as I was walking to my car. I usually just work a short day but I like to call him to see how his day is going.

This time when I called him he told me got laid off. I honestly thought he was joking. Seriously?? Yup, he was serious. I even called the home phone to confirm. My hubby is a big jokester so I had good reason not to believe him. I can't even tell you how I drove home. I was in a fog with a million thoughts driving their way though my brain.

Surprisingly we both took it fairly well, he was upset at first but we're both trying to take a more positive outlook on life and what's the point of sitting around sulking anyway. Sulking isn't going to solve anything it's just going to make things worse. All you can do is look at it as an opportunity to move forward.

My hubby and I are very much alike when it comes to career. I was too afraid to try at anything. I didn't want to fail so I didn't try anything. My husband on the other hand wanted to do things that he KNEW he could succeed at but his parents drilled into his head that nothing was ever worth any risk; always take the safe route. When he was in his late 20's he realized that it was a big mistake to listen.

He wanted to be a professional fighter. He dedicated his life to working out and learning new things. He did some local stuff but he was too old by the time he realized he could have made a name for himself, he had talent;talent he knew in his heart he had all along. To this day working out is still his passion. He loves it. He glows whenever the subject is brought up.

 I keep telling him to follow his passion. He's always wanted to open a gym or some sort of fitness facility. He knows I will back him 100%. Right now he's struggling with getting another job or following his dream. I say follow your dream.

Not that I should talk because I'm struggling with the same thing as well.

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