Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween Ghosts

I like to do crafts but I don't consider myself to be crafty. I'd much rather cook and be in the kitchen or decorate my house with already made stuff. TJ Maxx/Homegoods and Christmas Tree shop are my go to places for home d├ęcor but with my husband still being laid off, shopping for fun stuff is very low on the list. That is why decided to make this Halloween craft with stuff I already had; a family of Ghosts.




This Halloween craft was really easy to make. I just freehanded the shape of them on a piece of computer paper, traced it onto fabric, cut it out, sewed, and stuffed them, then painted the face. I tend not to use any measuring devices when I'm crafting because for some reason it never comes out right anyway, plus, measuring takes all the fun away. Right? The first one I hand sewed thinking it would be easier than lugging out the sewing machine but it ended up being more of a hassle so I machine stitched the remaining two.



 My son was so excited to see them and had to play with them right away. He's six and I love how he gets excited about stuff like that, the simple things. It's funny because I asked him what he wanted for Christmas this year, and like most kids his age, you expect to hear a long list of the latest and greatest toys, but not him. He asked for a stocking full of maps so he could find out which highway he likes the best, and for me to sew him his own Halloween ghosts so he can add them to his stuffed animal collection. What a sweet boy, he makes my mommy heart melt. <3

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