Thursday, September 20, 2012

The mess creator

Unfortunately I wasn’t born with an organization gene.  I have good intentions of staying neat and organized but without fail, a huge mess always seems appear. My husband, who happens to be very neat and organized, has thankfully accepted me for me, and always cracks jokes about my ability to create a mess at the drop of a hat.

My husband can clean the house in an instant. Even when he cooks you would never be able to tell if it weren’t for the heavenly aroma coming from the stovetop or oven. It takes me; on the other hand, forever and a day to clean the house….and cooking, don’t even get me started.… I love to cook but somehow flour, vegetable shavings and whatever else seem to find their way all over the house.  I can even manage to use every single utensil and dish when I’m making toast. Who does that????

Apparently me.

 I try so hard to follow tips from my oh-so-organized hubby but it doesn’t seem to work. I have an amazing ability to create a mess, sometimes by not even doing anything…which I can’t explain but it happens.  My now has learned to arm himself with cleaning supplies and rags whenever I mention the urge to make something.  Lucky for me, he actually finds joy in cleaning.

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