Friday, October 26, 2012

An excuse to create

So yesterday as I was browsing through my picture folder on the computer I noticed this funky looking folder that I had no idea what it was…I figured it was a virus of some sort, because the folder was empty but was a jumble of all different characters. I freaked out and the first thing I thought was:


MY PICTURES!!! I would be devastated if I lost them. I hadn't backed them up recently and had no more DVDs to burn. I realized I hadn't run a virus scan in a while either, I'm bad about stuff like that,  so I ran a scan while I headed to the store to get some DVDs.  This was at 9:00 in the morning.


Thinking it was only going to take an hour or two, I headed over to my craft corner to knock a few projects off my list that I wanted to get done. My list is oh so long,  but I never seem to get any of it done because I get distracted by the endless inspiration I find on the computer (Pinterest!!!!!!). Does this happen to anyone else? Well, around 4:30 when I had to leave for work, it was still running so I had given up any hope of going on the computer for the day.  Around 8:00 my husband called to tell me that it had finally finished!! I wasn't too upset though because I actually got some creating done.  See?


More on the creation of this when I finish it


It felt good to sit down and create something and not be sucked in by the computer. I think I might have to do this virus scan more often…not just as an excuse to create but because one should run a virus scan often!


Have a spectacular weekend!


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