Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Halloween Spellbook decor

Since I don't have a large collection of seasonal decorations, and don't have the option of buying them since my husband is laid off, I've decided to start making my own. I was searching pinterest the other day and fell in love with the diy Halloween Spell books found here and was inspired to make my own. I didn't want mine to be cute, I wanted them to look more old and dingy soI headed over to my supply of scrapbook things, and found some paper and some old books that I thought would be perfect. 


I have a bad habit of not using a ruler. For some reason, when I use a ruler or any other measuring device, it always comes out crooked or uneven so my trick was, well maybe not a trick, to just press the paper over over the cover and spine, crease the paper, then cut on the crease.  After I cut the paper out, I used spray adhesive to adhere it to the book. Once it dried, I sanded the paper to rough it up and make it worn, then I took a sponge brush and wiped black paint on the book. Next, I took a crumpled piece of paper to spread out the paint all over the book. I did the same for the edges of pages too.
Once everything was dry, I stenciled the book names on the spine. For the top book, I actually had to freehand the lettering because the stencil didn't fit on the spine. I thought it came out pretty good. What do you thing?
I don't normally consider myself crafty, but I was very pleased with how these came out. Maybe I am crafty after all.

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