Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend. I did.  I finally had a weekend off! Who hoo! As I've mentioned , I work in retail so it's sort of unavoidable. I've been looking for another job, but have been unsuccessful. My resume is fine, I just stink at talking to people, even with practice. I don't think I was born with any sort of social gene as I'm not much for talking. I try, but I end up sounding like a blubbering fool. LOL. One day I will surprise myself. If only I could write...

It was so nice to have a few days off and actually be able to do stuff with my family.  Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous day so in the morning we took a trip to the Dollar Tree for a few things. I picked up a few crafty things and….a beer mug??? Why, you ask, would someone who rarely drinks buy a beer mug??? For this. See?



I love iced coffee. Well, I love coffee in general but I'm not a fan of those plastic to-go cups. I must have sensitive taste buds or something because I can taste the plastic and it makes my coffee taste gross. I've been using a regular drinking glass, but they are too small for the amount of coffee I like to drink but the beer mug is the perfect size.  Who says it can be only used for alcohol anyway?



After that we came home for lunch and then went pumpkin picking. The weather was gorgeous. We all had a great time. Jacob had fun going down the slide. He wasn't into the picking pumpkins though, becuse he hates being dirty. What boy hates being dirty?? Mine apparently, but I love him anyway. *smiles* I picked up some fresh local veggies, in addition to the three small pumpkins we picked out. Fresh from the farm veggies are so much flavorful than grocery store fresh veggies. I couldn't believe the difference...yum!


After that, we came home and I made some yummy cupcakes and homemade pizza. Recipes to come soon!


Sunday morning I made homemade waffles. I forgot to take pictures. Shame on me!  After that, my husband took himself and Jacob to his parents house for a visit so I could work on Jacobs Halloween costume without interruption. It's coming out pretty good.  Let me just tell you, my son is so excited. He was even excited when I brought home the duct tape and asked how to wear it. Kids are so cute.


Now it's Monday and I'm back to reality. I had a great weekend. Now if only weekends off happened more often; that would be great. Did you do anything fun this weekend?



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