Thursday, November 8, 2012

a little this, a little that

My schedule is all weird today. Usually I am working tonight. I don't mind working Thursday night. I like the people that are there and it's usually one of the slower nights to work but I had to change switch with someone so I was home tonight. My son and I played Shrek on the playstation. He's been stuck in the spooky forest, having trouble beating the Hero time level so we played for a bit. It was fun even though we couldn't beat it. He's determined to beat it though so he can open up the next chapter.
My schedule is going to be strange in the next coming weeks. I'm getting anxious about finding out my schedule for Black Friday. We're following in the footsteps of other major retailer and decided to open at 12:30am. It'll be interesting. I won't find my schedule out for another week and I'm getting anxious seeing if I'm the lucky one to get that shift. I'm the youngest one in the office and they've already all nominated me…aren't I lucky?


 I don't mind too much though, it's one day out of the year. I am disappointed though that I probably won't be cooking this Thanksgiving; really disappointed because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to cook for but if I have to work those hours I don't want the stress of cooking a dinner. Oh well, it is what it is! No sense in being miserable. Plus to be honest I'm a night person anyway so it shouldn't bother me too much anyway. 


Anyway, I haven't done much in the creative department come January, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to create, so  here is something I created a while ago to label my bins in the kitchen that are sitting on top of my hutch.




What do you think? My kitchen is  kind of drab, wood paneled and dark, so having these adds a little oomph and a bit of fun and life. That's about for tonight. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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