Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decor

Christmas is in full swing at my house. Well, the living room at least. There isn't much room in the apartment to get all crazy with decorating. My living room isn't huge either, so I tried to decorate it tastefully without it being gaudy.


My tree has been up since Thanksgiving. We did Thanksgiving on Wednesday because I had to work at midnight on Thursday, technically Friday, but people consider it Thurday. Saying my son was excited is an understatement. He was jumping around the house and screaming with excitement about the tree being up and how he couldn't decorate the tree. The moment he woke up I think he asked a a million and one times if we were going to decorate. I love how excited he gets, seeing him filled with excitement gets me all excited for the holidays.



Christmas isn't Christmas to me without a village. I love the village and I am so greatful that my mother gave me hers when she moved. I don't have room to put the entire thing out but I do try to put most of it out. Every year, I buy something to add to it too.



My mantel isn't completely Christmas. I have yet to find a Christmas picture or something that I like as big as the one I have there now. Last year I took it down, but it looked naked, so I decided to leave it up and add Christmas elements around it.  The icicle scarf I made a few years ago when I accidently bought too much yardage of felt (5yards!!!!) for a Halloween costume that only took about a 1/2 yard. Luckily I only paid $1.99 for it.  That's another story though….


And my snowman hanging in the kitchen by the front door. Cute isn't he?


That's pretty much it for my d├ęcor. Have you decorated yet?  I told my husband if I had a house to decorate we would be in trouble…I'd go all crazy, changing the curtains, plates, pictures, anything that could be changed, would. I love decorating for Christmas. I just don't have the income or the space or time to go all nuts. *Smile* It doesn't matter though, I still think I captured the essence for Christmas.

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