Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY: Christmas Cloche

Oh, do I have the cutest craft to share with you today. Here's a peek.



 For this project I had to think out of the box. Can you believe that this is made out of a plastic champagne glass from the Dollar Tree?. Actually, all the supplies with the exception of the hot glue can be found at the dollar tree. Awesome right? I love the dollar store. I go there way too often.  I've been wanting to share this since it's been in my head for while, but I never made it to the store to get the one last thing I needed. I finally made it to the store Monday and now I'm sharing it with you.


Here's what you need:


Plastic Champagne glasses from the Dollar Tree (the kind where the tops and bottom twist off, this is important) You will need two bottoms and one top part for 1 cloche.

See the top on the upside down glass? I took that off gently with pliers.

Reindeer moss

Mini ornaments or other Christmas trinkets of your choice

Hot glue

Ribbon (maybe, this is where I wasn't sure about.)


Alright, go on and grab your stuff. I'll wait.


*waiting patiently*



*waiting patiently*




*waiting patiently*




*waiting patiently*



Oh good! Glad to see you came back  Okay, so here's how you make it.


Take one of the bottoms and flip it upside down. Glue a little bit on moss into it. Like here. *Sorry I don't have pictures of every step*


Hot glue the trinket or ornament of your choice onto the moss.


Take the glass part and put hot glue around the edge where you would take a sip.  Line up against the piece you glued the moss on. The trinket and moss should be covered. Make sense?


Take your second bottom piece and turn it the way it should be as if you were attaching it to the glass apply hot glue to stem part (you'll see in the picture). Attach it the other bottom piece. Cover the stem with ribbon and top with bead (or not). This part I wasn't sure about. I'm not sure if I like the ribbon. I don't have any beads in my craft stash. After thinking about it for a few days I have a few other ideas on how to finish it, so I may revisit this little project.  Your cloche is now finished. 



Cute huh? I'm thinking about making a couple more of these for Christmas gifts or turning them into hanging ornaments. I have a some ideas on how to create these for other seasons too. Now the gears are turning!

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  1. It is really cute! You did a nice job. Thanks for your kind comments on my berry craft!

  2. Thrifty, cute and so do-able (with a little patience) ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up,
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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