Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A scrapbook layout

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I didn't have to work today, which felt incredibly strange because I've been working on Tuesday for the longest time. It felt really strange being home, but I did get some scrapbooking done and I actually finished a scrapbook layout. I feels so great to finally have my creative mojo back!

Fooled Ya, I actually made a two page layout.  No biggie right? Wrong. Two page layouts for me are the the most difficult. For some reason I feel like they need to mirror each other but trust me, they don’t have to be exact to work. It's actually more pleasing to the eye when they DON'T mirror each other. I learned that when I went to school for Applied Arts. Even though I don't have a degree I learned a lot about design and I use a lot of what I learned in my scrapbooking and my everyday life.  Trust me when I say this, There is no rule that says two page scrapbook layouts have to be the same.  I think we scrapbookers forget that sometimes.  Here is my non mirrored two page layout.

This works as long as there are elements on each page that tie the two together, like what I did here. Even though the background papers are different, I used the same accent papers on both pages. I also used a few other things too.

 On the first page I used stickles to accent the title but on the second page I used stickles to create a border for the photo. Another thing similar is on the first page I used washi tape as a background for the title, then on the second page I used the same washi tape as an accent to the photo strip. 

 So, with all this Knowledge (not really) why didn't I finish with graphic design school? Well, that's kind of a long story (I think I may have written about it in one of my first post) but I will tell you one thing, I wouldn't be able to draw myself out of paper bag. I can barely draw a stick figure and the program I was in you really  needed to know how to draw, which is totally understandable, but I'll save that story and my revelation about it for another post.

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