Monday, January 28, 2013

A taste of spring

I made it to the dollar store this weekend. It's the only store that fits my budget. Pathetic but I actually like the dollar store. They've started to put out Easter stuff, with this -2 degree weather, It helps take my mind off this bone chilling cold. Also Easter is the holiday besides Christmas that I actually decorate for.

 Last year I tried to grow some herbs but I tend to have a black thumb, so they didn't get much further than this. 

So when I saw the potting soil I knew I wanted to give it a go again. How bad can it be? Ya know, what the heck, it was $1.00. So I bought it. I tend to kill every plant I come in contact with so I figured if I did happen to kill my plants again, I wouldn't be disappointed about wasting $1

One of my problems last year, besides the too much watering or total neglect, I never labeled them and I had no idea which container house which herb. Ooopps. This time I came up with an simple labeling solution. Popsicle sticks, stamps and ink. Most crafters have these thing on hand. If not they can be easily found at any dollar store or dollar bin.

No tutorial needed. I think the picture pretty much explains itself . Stamp on popsicle sticks with ink.  Simple. We all like simple sometimes, don't we?

I actually got some scrapbooking done this weekend too. I finished a layout in one night. That is a huge accomplishment for me. It usually takes me forever to complete a layout. All of my scrapbook stuff is in the bedroom so when creativity strikes, I don't normally get the chance to scrapbook then. Creativity seems to always strike at night. I'm a night owl though, so maybe that is why. It seems to come at the most odd times. Anyone else have that problem?  I can imagine how much more productive I would be if struck at a more convenient time.

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