Monday, January 14, 2013

Creative Monday

Hello, Monday! Work Tomorrow…yay. Can you hear the excitement? Yeah, didn't think so. One thing I am excited about though, is I actually finished a scrapbook page! Yay! On Friday, I was mentioning how I was in a creative slump so I was starting an art journal to boost my creativity, and guess what?? It's probably  a coincidence, seeing as I just started the journal, but I finished an actual scrapbook layout and in record time. Usually I dilly dally and it can take me up to a week (or more) to finish a layout but I made this one in total, probably 2 hours.  Whoa! I wanted to create a few more pages but my mother flew up for a few days (staying with my sister) and she came over tonight with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen to celebrate my birthday.  Hopefully the creative juices are flowing tomorrow too.

Doesn't this cake look good? The fudge and cookie filling and the frosting were the best parts. Forget the ice-cream! Lol

Oh, yeah, So you want to see my layout? Here it is! Drum roll please…..

I have the opposite problem that most scrapbookers have…I'm better at matching patterned papers together than I am at matching multiple colors of plain cardstock. I seem to do everything opposite from the norm. Oh well! Hope everyone had a great Monday, if not, I hope you have a better Tuesday! Be sure to stop on over tomorrow for a quick and simple tutorial on how to make that cute little banner on the layout.

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