Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY: Cardstock and Ribbon Banner

Hello, Happy Tuesday!  Today I've got a small little tutorial for you. If you scrapbook or do any sort of paper crafting, then this is something you will definitely want to know.

Remember that scrapbook page I showed you yesterday? Good. Here it is again for those of you who haven't seen it.

 I'm going to show you have to make that banner up there in the corner. Let me jus tell you. It was really SIMPLE. All you need is: Ribbon of your choice, scrapbook paper scraps of your choice and adhesive.

Here's what you do:

Cut scraps into desired shape. I chose triangles.

Cut ribbon the desired length

Add adhesive (I used my Scotch ATG tape gun.) to the top of one size of the triangle. Press firmly onto the edge of the ribbon (leave room to fold over). Repeat with remaining triangles.

Once all shapes are  secure, all adhesive the length of the ribbon.

Fold over and press to secure.

Ta Da! Now you know how to make a custom banner for all your scrapbook layouts and cards.

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