Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013 & a Did you know Book?

Hello 2013! How did your night go? Any fun plans? Nothing for me. One day I will do something big for New Years, this though was not that year. The most exciting thing I did was watch Rockin New Years celebration on TV between reading, talking with my husband, and browsing the Web.

This year I actually wasn't going to watch (too many commercials)  but I found out my favorite person was performing….Pitbull. I don't know what it is.  Well, yes I do, he's got the sexiest voice I've ever heard, the expressions he makes, and that smile... he's just so good looking. *sigh* I feel like a teeny bopper. Lol. I realize he's not everyone's choice of music, but the beat gets me going and puts me in a good mood so I listen.   I listen to a wide array of music but there is something about him... Did I mention, good looking??? Don't worry, my husband isn't jealous. He's got one of his own to ogle over; Sarah Brightman. Most people have probably never heard of her. I never did until I met my hubby. And was warned by friends and coworkers and himself that if he ever had a chance with her, I'd be toast.  I don't think I have anything to worry about though, *smile* It's our little running joke.

 I shared yesterday some resolutions for the New Year but I have many goals for the coming year and years to come. I could call it a bucket list, I could call it a life list but I called my  Did you know? book. No matter what I call it, it is a growing list of all the things I like, want to accomplish, experience,  want to have, or do in my life.

I decided to write them down because I'm always thinking of things that I know I will forget.  I found these cute notebooks at Job Lot for $2. It's actually a notebook of index cards. I love notebooks and this seemed to be the perfect book for what I had in mind.

Some pages  I decorated, some I didn't.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic day and hope you are inspired to create your own Did you know? book. It's a really fun project and gets you thinking.

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