Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh, Monday.

 Now that 28 and most of my 20's has come and gone, I'm sitting here drinking a piping hot cup of tea thinking about how to make the last year in my 20's the best.

Hopefully my tea drinking at the computer is more successful than the last time.  I was bored one night, couldn't sleep so I turned on the computer, and made a cup of tea. I had this crazy idea that taking a picture of my cup with Pinterest in the background would make for a great story for my scrapbook album.  Well, I took all the pictures I wanted and reached over the mug to put my camera away and then…you know where I'm going with this…tea all over the keyboard; everywhere. So much for my night of browsing!  Luckily my keyboard could be saved due to my ability to run faster than I have ever in my life to the kitchen and grab a towel and turning the keyboard upside down for the rest of the night. There are a few keys that stick, but for the most part the keyboard is fine. Hey, at least I got a pretty picture and a good story for my scrapbook album. *smile*

Anyway, back to my 20's. Most of my 20's I spend doing things others wanted me to do. I tried to please everyone but it just made me miserable in the end. Of course I came to this realization in mid 2012. Now, with one more year to go in my 20's, I hope to finally start -scratch that- I am finally going to do things that make me happy. I'm going to do things for me. If someone doesn't like it, too bad, so sad. I'm not them. I am me and no one else. I've tried being someone else. Actually I've tried to be a lot of people;  I've tried to mold myself to to each persons liking but it just doesn't work. Learn from me! It dones't work. I was miserable and I am done.

Anyway, enough with the therapy session. Yesterday I woke up to my son singing me Happy Birthday and asking me if I get to bring cupcakes to work. Kids are just too cute! Well, I didn't have to work so I didn't bring cupcakes…My husband and I went out for lunch and did some shopping. It's really pathetic that I was excited to go to Target. Target, of all places, but I love that place. I hadn't been in about a year because it's dangerous for my wallet but since my hubby was with me (he's a cheap-o like me!) we decided to make the trip. I bought myself 2 books, my son a really inexpensive sweatshirt that was on clearance, and a few pantry items. Exciting huh?

My life is very exciting. NOT. It's actually really boring compared to the average persons standards but you know what???? That's okay because I like it that way.


  1. Happy Birthday and congrats on making such a great decision! Love your blog, btw. I was about your age when I made the same choice, and this is my motto: If you don't like me now, you won't like me when I change to suit your ways either. Always be you - no one else can be!

  2. Love this. Life is too short to live for pleasing everyone else.


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