Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Ramblings.

Why is it so hard to go back to work after so many days off? Ugh, I had to peel myself out of bed this morning which was especially hard since the weather was in the single digits and my bed was so warm. I was having difficulty getting up and it was getting late so my husband came and turned the light on. A few more minutes passed and he threatened to take my nice warm blankets away, lol…He's a morning person who doesn't. I'm not. My brain starts functioning around 11 but I really start to wake up around 3 in the afternoon. I've always been that way, at least since I started working. LOL. When I lived on my own and didn't have to work, I would sleep until noon. *sigh* Those were the days.

Today was freezing! My oh-so-wonderful husband started my car this morning so I didn't have to go out in the blistering cold more times than I had to because it was 2 degrees. 2 DEGREES! By the time I finished dropping my son off at school and going to work it at warmed up to a lousy 9 degrees. Brrrrr! We keep talking about moving somewhere warm but it hasn't happened yet. We both HATE winter and would be perfectly happy if we never had to see another flake of snow ever in our life. We just don't know where to start as we have haven't traveled much and we don't know anyone out of state. One day we will say Sayonara to New England! I just don't know when that One day is.

I didn't do anything really exciting today. I made yummy pizza for dinner, and  worked on a little bit of the novel I'm writing (one of the many things in my Did you know book?). Last night when I went to put the USB drive into the computer and copy the file from there to my computer, well,  it kept telling me the file was corrupt. I didn't freak out though, knowing I had (thought) saved it on my laptop's hard drive.….Nope it was just on the USB and wouldn't open regardless of what I tried.  I had music blasting in my ears and it was late, so I didn't want to scream and freak out so I just dropped my jaw and freaked out in silence, hoping my writing would reappear. It didn't though but thank goodness I remembered almost word for word what I wrote. I've got a strange memory like that.  So today, before it all decided to dissipate memory I wrote it all down, on paper with a pen. I actually prefer paper to computer when it comes to writing.  Most of it was just notes and commentary, so it wasn't too big of a deal. It just would have been nice to work on the next step (details), rather than redo the first part. Oh well!

 Now I know, save to more than one place. Lesson learned.

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