Friday, February 8, 2013

Bracing for the storm & a layout

Happy Friday! Any of you in the line of this massive Blizzard? I am. We are supposed to get over two feet of snow. We got a call from the town saying all cars had to be removed from the street, even if they are there legally, there is the possibility that they will be towed because of the amount we're supposed to get. Well, parking on the street is our only option so my husband is staying the night over his parents house with the car safely parked in their driveway. It also benefits them because they are old, and wouldn't be able to shovel all the snow. We would all go over there, but if we happen to lose power, I have heat and a means of cooking; one of the benefits of gas.  So, that leaves Jacob and me home to brace this storm together. He is excited, but that goes without saying. What kid wouldn't be excited about over two feet of snow and having a day off from school? I was a little bummed about my husband being gone, but then I though, that I can actually get some scrapbooking done tonight. Yay. 

With the snow storm coming I figured I would share a nice warm scrapbook layout with you that I completed recently about our trip to the beach last summer.

Well I hope everyone in the line of storm stays safe!  Keep warm.

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