Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday scrapbooking

Friday already! Whoa. I didn't see that coming. Well, yes I did. Friday comes every week, duh! I actually did some scrapbooking today. Whoo Hoo. Since we will be moving eventually within the next couple of Months, I figured why not start creating an album to document our moving adventure. I had the perfect album to get started. It's been collecting dust for a few years and I am glad to finally put it to good use.

I think I might mod podge the edge with different fabric but I'm not sure yet. I have the album planned out in my mind, but here is the progress of what will be the cover.

Honestly we have no idea where we are moving, all we know is we are moving. At this point we don't have any other choice but it's all good. My husband will have been laid off a year May 29, so we have moved the job search to other states. We've talked about moving in the past but we're comfortable in Massachusetts but there are no jobs here and under the circumstances we have no other choice than to look elsewhere. We figured if we're going to move, we're going to move where we won't have to deal with New England weather anymore. We both hate snow with a passion, so we're leaning towards Texas. We can deal with a little snow, although we prefer none at all. I know no place is perfect but there seem to be more jobs available in my husbands field than there are up here. So, who knows.

 If we don't hear from anything before our allotted time to get out of here, we'll probably just live in hotel at least until the school year is over, then take the next step and move and hope for the best.   It's not what I imagined we would be doing, but hey, what's life without a little adventure!


  1. Oh my goodness, you're REALLY moving! I think this is a great idea to document your move. Good luck!!

  2. Good luck with the job hunt and your move. Love the scrapbook!

  3. What a cute scrapbook cover!!! It has been ages since I scrapbooked...I really miss it!!!


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