Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Moving Mini Album progress

Hello there! How's everyone's week going so far? Nothing interesting happening here but that is no surprise. The job search and the stress continues as we have NO idea where we are going. Oh well.  Things work out the way they are supposed to work out.

In between working my real job, I've been working on a few things, including  my moving mini album…I like the sound of that…MOVING MINI ALBUM. LOL..anyways.  Although we have no destination point at this time, I still wanted to make a general album so I could document the process before I need to pack up all my stuff. That will be a very sad day but I can't talk about that right now, lol. Right now it's pretty general but once we find out exactly where we are going I'll be able to add more details. Here's what I've go so far.

I really like interactive scrapbooks so I created a pocket out of vellum. I embellished it with some washi tape…I love washi tape by the way. I've loved it before it became the 'in' thing. I only have three rolls because at the time no one made it. Now you can find washi tape everywhere. I want more, but unfortunately I can't buy any. *Boo* Hopefully when I eventually have a budget for scrapbook stuff, washi tape will still be easy to find.

Inside the pocket I created some journaling tags that I can pull out easily and write and include some small pictures. Another reason I can't wait to be able to go shopping again is I'm running extremely low on plain cardstock. I've got enough patterned paper to last a couple of lifetimes but cardstock, I never seem to have enough of so I needed to improvise. One thing I have plenty of are file folders (My mil gave me a boatload of them when her company went out of business) so I cut one up and created these cute journal cards. They're not acid free but, hey, sometimes you just gotta live a little! See, I used my washi tape again.

The more I scrapbook, the more I realize my need to be creative. This year, albeit somewhat stressful, has been really productive in my finding the 'what the heck I'm supposed to do when I grow up' answer.  I've always felt that I wasn't supposed to do something normal, yet that is what I've been doing all along and have been so confused listening to everyone but myself. I'm not supposed to do one thing for the entirety of my life; I know that.  I also don't think that it is a coincidence, that I enjoy scrapbooking or that  all the things I enjoy and that I'm good at, include creativity in some form or another. Right now I'm just working on improving and doing, so we shall see what the future holds.

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  1. It's looking really great! I love washi too, but took me forever to find my first couple of rolls because no one sold it!

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