Monday, March 4, 2013

Organizing my Recipe Collection

Meh. It's that time of week again. Monday. That's all I'm going to say about that.

The last few weeks I haven't been working too many hours, so I put some of that free time to good use by finding a system to organize the many many many many recipes I want to try. I LOVE to cook.  So I have many recipe book and cooking magazines. 

At first I was dead set on organizing them by category (main dish, appetizer, breakfast…) so I went on a rampage and ripped out every single recipe I wanted to try. BIG MISTAKE. I soon realized that I would need a million binders, seriously. I didn't realize there were so many recipes I wanted to try. Plus I really missed flipping through the magazines (I know, pathetic but I don't care)  The recipes I managed to rip out went into binders and those recipes that didn't fit in the binders, now have a home in an empty drawer in my file cabinet, organized by type.

After I got over the fact that I had ripped apart some of my best magazines *Boo* I decided to just mark them off with post it notes. That didn't work for me either because it looked messy and didn't really help at all, I still had to search. Then, when I was cleaning out my computer desk I came across an unused box of paperclips and a light bulb went off; instead of post it's I would use paperclips.

This actually works for me perfectly. I spent the entire week going through my collection and marking off the recipes I want to try. Most magazines have a date and the recipes go with the season that it was published. So now, I just find one that coincides with the season and open it up to the page, and cook. No more searching.

I realize I'm probably a crazy nut for keeping so many, but that's okay,  I get bored easily so variety is a good thing.

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