Friday, March 8, 2013

Progress on Project Life

I've been slacking with the cooking. Probably because I my freezer is nearing empty. Jacob was supposed to have a sleepover at Grammy's house after school until Sunday and John and I were going to go crazy at the grocery store, (aren't we adventurous??) and stock up our pantry and freezer again but……it has been snowing since last night (BOO!), school was cancelled and there was no way we were driving  or going anywhere, so Jacob's sleepover was postponed to next weekend. Shopping though, once the snow stops, will probably happen tomorrow or else we're going to be eating condiments and heels of bread.  Not my kind of meal.

I was craving a sausage egg  & cheese on a croissant, the other day from my favorite coffee place so my wonderful husband offered to go and grab me one. (I didn't even have to ask. He's such a great guy) As I was just about to throw the bag away, I decided to save it and glue it into my Planner. Food is a big part of who we are, so I figured why not? Now I have a place to store the many photos I take of edible things, and whatever else I decide to throw in there.

This next page is just the cover page.

Okay, don't laugh at this one….Just remember we all have our own taste in music and we are all entitled to have a crush on someone whom we've never met. My husband got a kick out of this page and told me to make one for him (see paragraph below). Don't worry, no jealously here. If anything I should be jealous of him.

  (These photo's were just printed out on regular paper from the Internet from various places. I didn't take these..I do wish though!)

When we first started dating I was warned by his friends and coworkers that if he ever had a chance to meet Sarah Brightman (An English Classical Crossover singer.) I would be left in the dust. They weren't joking either; John reminds me of this from time to time, lol. I had never heard of her, as that is not my first choice in music, but she is quite good.  I didn't take offense, I'm not the jealous type and seriously what were his chances of meeting someone who is mostly unknown of here in the States. Very slim.  So I'm not worried, as he is not worried for me.

Well, that's all I've got for today! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a cute idea! I love how you save the bag! Would be great for my Project Life album :)

  2. Im lovin all your handwriting on this!


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