Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursaday ramblings

I've got nothing interesting tot write about today. Yesterday Jacob and I colored eggs. I didn't have one of those egg dying kits so I used food coloring instead and I was actually more impressed. I don't know why I never did that in the first place. It was so simple; Hot water, vinegar, and your desired food coloring. Damn you marketing, making me believe I need a kit for coloring eggs.Granted it's only $1 but still...

The last few days I knew Jacob was coming down with a cold so I've been having him take an extra vitamin here and there and having him drink lots of fruit and vegetable smoothies, hoping he could fight it off. Well, I got a call at work from my husband saying he had to go get Jacob because he got sick at school.  Usually we know when he's sick but he was acting normal this morning…I guess you can never tell. When my husband got to the school, the nurse informed him that he was the best patient and had to laugh when she got into the bathroom to make sure he was okay. I guess he was standing over the toilet and when she went into the stall, Jacob turned around and put his hand up to stop her and said with a big smile on his face "Don't worry! I got this!" Then put his head over the bowl and did his business. She said most kids are scared and crying but not Jacob, he could handle it on his own. I believe it, Jacob is Mr. Independent.

When he went to bed he actually looked a lot better than he did when he got home. Hopefully a good nights rest will heal him right up.

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  1. genius! The Eggs Look GrEat!! I Hope Jacob IsFeeling Better And That You Guys Had Good Easter Weekend :)


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