Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello! Today was a busy day. I'm surprised I was even able to function considering I only had three hours of sleep. I don't normally have sleepless nights but I stayed up way too late, then when I finally went to bed I wasn't tired any more. Anyone else have that happen?  I'm sad it's Friday because I'm working all weekend.  I work every weekend, but this weekend I'm working Saturday night and opening Sunday morning. I haven't worked a Saturday in the longest time, and I also haven't done a closing then opening in even longer than that.  I am a night owl but I don't want to be working, I want to be at home in something comfortable, reading or do something creative.  Don't we all want to do that, though?

I've been itching to learn Inkscape and jumping back into relearning what I actually went to school for. If you haven't noticed by now, I like variety. I like MANY things because bored so EASILY. I move from thing to thing, then eventually find myself going in a circle again, finding interest in something I hadn't thought about or done for a long time. There's actually a name for people like me and it's not ADD. I'm a scanner - no, not the electronic device. I actually read a book about it. I don't normally read that kind of book, I'm more of Novel kind a gal,  but one night I was googling (as always!), why I couldn't stick to one interest like a normal human being and I found there was actually a book written about people like me. So I bought it and read it.  But that's a topic for another post.  Search, Are you a scanner?, if you want and you'll see what I'm talking about.  It's what makes me who I am. *Smile*

It's been 10 years  --holy crap, that makes me sound old - since I touched any vector graphic software, so I am still relearning everything but I wanted to share what I've created so far.  I'm working on some journal cards for an scrapbook album I want to make.   Here's a peek of what I've got so far:

 (they *may eventually* make an appearance here as a printable, hence the reason it says what it says. I need to perfect a few things first. No promises, but I will keep you posted. TBA)

 Well, That's about all I've got for tonight. I Hope you have a fantastic weekend

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  1. These look fantastic! I am always amazed at people like you that can create things like this with the computer. I'm so illiterate with the computer, it's not even funny. That whole scanner thing sounds interesting, not the electronic device, the personality type ;)


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