Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Berry Chia Smoothie

Can I vent for a second?  Searching for work really sucks!  It sucks when companies won't even give you a chance when they assume your overqualified. I'm sure there are a lot of people that would be grateful to just have a job.  John actually got a call from one job that actually asked him why on earth he applied for that job, when he was clearly 'over qualified'.  Seriously!?!? He wanted to jump through the phone and shake the woman and say because I want to  *^$##%^&**** work!  On a serious note though, who wants to work for a company that's going to poke fun at the unemployed.  I could write a book about this but I'm not…(actually, maybe I should. Hmmm) Another one that ticks me off is that they see that your worked in retail and assume your some sort of moron. Retail is not an easy job. It's stressful and they pay you crap. Anyone who has actually worked in retail knows this.  Granted, there are some that fit the bill but that's in any industry (sorry! But it's not the majority.) Seriously people, don't judge. It's tough out there.

 He's followed all the advice from unemployment had his resumes checked (and was told they were the best they've seen and even used them as an example of what a resume should look like) Some people unfortunately are just  normal people working normal run of the mill jobs and don't have fancy connections to find fancy job at the drop of hat. Warehouse, is not that common around here so If this last interview doesn't work out then it's on to plan B. Well, it's more like Plan S; We're running out of options. At this point we'd move to the moon if we had to. It's tough, but I'm trying to remain hopeful.

 How does a tasty energizing smoothie sound as a Thank you for letting me vent? Get your paper and pencils out for all my scientific measurements. Ready! You may need the chemistry books for this one. HA!

1 generous handful of blueberries
1 generous handful of raspberries
1 generous handful of spinach
1 spoonful of Chia seeds
Coconut water

Add all ingredients to a single serve blender, then add enough coconut water to reach the top. If your not using a single serve blender, use 4-6 ounces of coconut water. Blend for a few minutes and enjoy.

Okay, so maybe the chemistry books weren't need.  Enjoy your smoothie! And thanks again for letting me vent!

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  1. I am not one for healthy smoothies, but I love berries and coconut water so it sounds yummy! I love your rant!!!


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