Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coupon Organizer Mini Album *picture heavy*

Happy Tuesday! It's very strange not working today. I've been working

Guess what?? I finished my mini album! I thought it would take longer to finish but it didn't. Music works wonders! This is a picture heavy post. Ready?

 I started with a coupon organizer! When I saw it in the dollar bin at Target I knew exactly what I was going to make. I had a different idea on how I was going to use it but once I sat down the ideas just started flowing.

Unlatch the elastic…

...And this is what you see. I cut out the accordian part (I have some ideas for that too!) and just used the base as a cover for the album.

This is my favorite page. 

Not a huge fan of pictures of myself but I take them anyway. I needed a few pictures of me a few years back and I had 1 picture. One measly picture. For the entire year. And it was a horrible one at that. None in the previous year either. That was when I vowed I would take more of myself, even if they aren't good. Someone somewhere sometime in the future may want to know about me, and what I looked like. (I can hope right?????) If I ever went missing I'd be screwed! Not that I'm going missing or anything, just saying, What if???. Know one would know who to look for.

That's it! What did you think?

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  1. This is fabulous and so creative! I'll never look at my coupon holder in the same way again!

  2. Such a great idea! I've always thought those coupon organizers could be used for other things, just could never figure out what. Now I know!

  3. That is an awesome idea for a mini album! Great fun and so well done.

  4. your mini album looks great !


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