Monday, May 13, 2013


How was your Weekend? Did you have a good Mothers day?  I did absolutely nothing and it was great! . In the  morning my husband got me my favorite breakfast from the local coffee place. We're both not big on gifts and I love breakfast, so it was perfect.  He was going to surprise me with breakfast in bed but I woke up at 5:00! I'm usually working Sundays so my body is on that schedule.

Actually, I shouldn't say  I did nothing.  I got some serious scrapbooking done.  What a difference music makes in my creative process! I was sitting on the computer looking for inspiration when I causally mentioned I would like a stereo or some sort of music device wherever my scrapbook stuff is located in our next place. I like silence, but not when I'm working, creating or trying to get something done. I need to have music. Nothing gets done any other way. I know I can use my cheapy, ten dollar mp3 player but I don't always like wearing headphones.  Well, what does he do? He took the stereo that was sitting on a bookshelf unused for who knows how long and put it in the bedroom.  Isn't he sweet? I don't care about trends. I'm pretty sure with the advances in technology, these clunkers don't exist anymore. I don't care, it works.

 I don't know why I never thought of that before..duh! I write better when I have music on too, so it was no surprise how much scrapbooking I finished and how much more creative I was. I worked on a mini album I've been picturing in my head. I love it so far! Here's a sneak peek!

Not much of a sneak. Sorry.  I'm not finished yet so You'll just have to come back in a few days to check it out. *wink, smile* I'm not working until Friday night (Yes!!!!!!) so I'll have plenty of time to work on it.

 I  also made some spray mists. I know they are not acid free but  I'm not that worried. My scrapbook budget is nonexistent so I've been searching for many do-it-yourself things. I've even made some printables to use  for scrapbooking because I can't buy the stuff I want.

That got me thinking about making about making digital kits and elements for scrapbooking. I'm rusty but I'm seeing what I can come up with so .…I hate and love that I like everything! *Smile* It just makes making a decision really hard because I want to do everything.

 Hey, who says I can't do everything?? I'm crazy (in a good way!) but I'm perfectly okay with that.


  1. Sounds like a great Mother's Day! Love the spray mists!

  2. Sounds like your Mother's Day was perfect. You were so much more productive then I was.
    But 5:00am...thats just crazy, lol.

  3. Sounds great! Can't wait to see the beach album. Followed you here from 2 peas.


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