Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sharing a mess

Happy Wednesday! Has anyone seen my desk? If so let me know!

I've been trying organize before we move this summer. We're still not even sure what we're doing or where we're going but something will come together. It usually does. As I sort my way through all my previously organized "junk" my desk has become a dumping ground for my unfinished projects and other miscellaneous "junk" that I want to keep.

My desk isn't the only area of my apartment that is a state of kitchen area has now become a home for a collection of empty boxes. Aren't they lovely?

Oh the joys of getting ready to move and going through stuff!


  1. Haha...this looks a lot like piles in my house :)

  2. Doesn't that time between moves drive you nuts? You can't buy anything or put anything away because you're just going to pack it up in a few months! Oy! I love the pile of boxes :)

  3. Hey...we must be related. That looks just like my office. I'm not moving though, so what's my excuse?

    Well, wishing you good luck with the move, and enjoy re-discovering some of your treasures as you organize your crafty collections!



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