Friday, May 3, 2013

Time will tell

I made myself a shirt yesterday. It doesn't fit the way I envisioned but that's okay. I traced a shirt that I had but forgot to add seam allowance.  So the shirt is a little snug…I guess that means I need to loose weigh.

I made it kind of long, so if I wore it it's scrunched up in the stomach area.  Once I loose weight, I'd probably pair it with legging and a belt or something…we'll see. I'll add more details and fix the sleeves to the shirt once I know it fits to my liking. I love clothes but no one would ever know because my wardrobe consists of yoga pants, a grey sweatshirt, a black sweatshirt and an array of black pants and black shirts for work. And a pair of jeans. I'm so sick of it. I want to wear cute clothes again but it's hard to find stuff that fits well.

Something I've needed to do for a while is to loose this weight. I'll be the first to admit, I HATE exercise and being stressed makes me not want to do it more. Now that I've made a cute shirt, and discovered some great tunes, I feel more motivated than ever to finally loose this weight. 

Do you believe in signs? Laugh all you want but I do. I've had so many signs that keep reassuring me that I need to just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm not religious but I like to think that everything happens for a reason.

Like this music.  I've been wanting to loose weight for so long but never really found the motivation  and now, whenever I turn it on, I can't stop moving….also the singer, happens to fit the  exact vision I have for the main character in the book I'm {trying} to write - I'm a visual person so I like to have a picture or two open to inspire my writing. I was having trouble finding a photo to fit the vision in my head, then I found this.

Sewing…there are many signs. For some reason no matter how many times I want to give up I keep going back to it.  Now that I've actually made a few things I don't want to stop. A few months ago I bought a book,  called the Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard. I kept wanting to put it down but something told me to buy it was cheap enough so I did.  I finally cracked it open and I can't put it down. It's actually really good.  Also during my daily browsing of Pintest, the very first pin that popped up was a tutorial on how to draw fashion sketches…I do a lot of Pinterest browsing and I had never seen that pin before.

There are many more, especially with regards to moving out of state, but this post would have to a few pages long to list them. I don't know how, or which direction I will be going but something good is going to happen.  I can feel it. Maybe these are signs, maybe they're not. Only time will tell.


  1. I think your shirt looks fantastic! I totally believe in signs! I also believe in the law of attraction. You get back what you put out :)


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