Monday, May 20, 2013

Trust your gut.

Happy Monday! Happy and Monday usually don't belong in the same sentence but I'm very happy to be here today.

I woke up with a bad feeling yesterday. Ever ger that? I have a few times, and each time its been right. Well, I went about my day with the bad feeling still in my gut. I went to work, came home and then we went for a ride. 

 It was a beautiful drive. We ended up taking the very long scenic back roads. At one point we were laughing so hard, wondering if we'd ever see civilization again. All were saw were trees, trees, and more trees.  As we got deeper into the forest, as Jacob called it, my bad feeling went away. 

Once it was time to head home, I convinced my husband to take the main roads. I was curious how much longer it would take. As he pulled onto the highway and started driving, the bad feeling that had disappeared, suddenly came back to me.  The ride home went off without a hitch until we hit a massive traffic jam. 

That was when feeling came back in full force. I knew something was going to happen.  And no, I'm not paranoid about driving and traffic. I'm actually one of those rare people who enjoys driving and thinks traffic jams are relaxing (My husband thinks I'm crazy.). This was one of those rare occasions I couldn't wait to get home. When we finally reached our exit for the next highway  the bad feeling that had been following me all day came true.

It was pouring rain at that point, and the exit we were taking was a really round, tight circle..See where I'm going with this? Rain and a really sharp turn are not a good mix. The car hydroplaned, jumped the curb, went onto the grass that was a slight hill, (lots and lots of grass, thankfully) headed in the opposite direction of traffic. I could have sworn we were on two tires at one point but it might have just been the small angle of the hill. Then somehow we were back on the highway driving as if nothing had ever happened. This by far was one of the scariest moments of my life. I felt like I was filming an action movie and the director was going to jump out at any minute and yell, "CUT!"  I'm very very very thankful that John was driving because if he hadn't, I know for sure I would have panicked, slammed on the breaks (bad) and we would have flipped over for sure. John, unlike me, HATES driving. He'd rather chew off his own limbs and die a slow and painful death than drive (his words) but for some reason he wanted to drive today, so I let him. Even though he hates driving he's very good at it.  He has very good control over the car in tough situations (we get lots of snow) and he doesn't panic. Panic is my middle name so it wouldn't have been a good situation.

When that ordeal was over and John pulled over to the side of the road to calm down  (say a few choice words) and check the car. (not a scratch) I went in the back to make sure Jacob was okay and he was as white as a ghost. He said he tried to scream, like me, but no sound would come out. Understandable.  Once I reassured him everything was fine, he screamed at John and told him he's never allowed to drive again, and if he does he's going to be punished for the rest of his life in his room.  (I wonder where he got that from??? LOL!). He also practiced his screaming voice the rest of the way home to make sure it wasn't broken…kids, they're too funny.

All I can say is I'm glad to be here today and that I'm going to trust my gut from now on. I've had this same feeling only a handful of times and to date it's always been right. I hope it doesn't come back any time soon.

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