Monday, June 17, 2013


Hello! How was everyone's weekend. Mine was going great when I though I had Monday off too..then I was snapped back to reality when one of my coworker's called me to fill me in on the drama of work before I was surprised with it all when I headed in Monday night…Oops, I read the wrong schedule.

The drama was nothing that I didn't know already. We're not allowed to help, we're not allowed to do anything other than answer the phone that doesn't ring…ever.  We're not allowed to help out. We're not allowed to do anything.  Pretty much everything I knew, with a few extra stories thrown in there. It's so crazy…. I don't understand the logic of the company at all but it is what it is. Unfortunately I'm not able to quit right now so I've been working my butt off {still} searching for a 'traditional' job as well as using what I know in case the 'traditional' route doesn't work out.

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and I quote popped out at me. Of course I didn't Pin it so I don't know who said it but It was:  Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can.  I think it may have said something else too...With all this thinking about what to do with my life this was the perfect thing to find.

There are three things I've always wanted to do; open a bakery, write a novel, and do something with design (this is very broad topic for me because I like everything…..). All three of them are completely different and neither of them are 'practical' but they are the three things  that have never left my mind.  I've never wanted to be traditional but that's the road I've been walking down. I've been following everyone else when I should have been marching down my own road.

Now that I'm starting to untangle this ball of confusion, I've started to use everything  I know. I love writing,  my head is always full of ideas so I figured why not start. If I don't jot down an idea I usually forget it. Well, this one particular plot came to me over a year ago. I never wrote it down but for some reason it kept coming back to me. I jotted it down and forgot about it, like I normally do but it wouldn't leave me alone. So one day a few months ago, I sat down and just started writing. Sixty pages ( both typed and handwritten) later my story is coming together better than I ever could have imagined. And the ideas keep coming. Even if it never makes it past my own eyes, what harm is it going to cause if I continue to write? None. But if I don't write it, I'm never going to know how far I can take it. I could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. You just never know.

The next thing I know, is graphic design. I went to school for it so I figured I'd start there. I actually wanted to go to school for architecture/interior design but my grades weren't great in high school so I settled for Graphic Arts.  I don't have a degree but it's something I'm familiar with. I'm rusty. Very rusty. But I've been playing around with Inkscape, Gimp, and Photoshop elements.  Here's a sampling of what I've done.

It's not perfect. Who is????? No one. But I figured why the heck not?? What's the harm. Even though I never imagined myself doing something with graphic design. If I don't start somewhere, how will I know where it will lead me...

The next thing I'd love to do is open a bakery. I'm not sure if I have the personality to open that sort of business but I love to share delicious food so that's where part of this blog comes in.   

You just never know unless you try.


  1. I love your attitude. I say the same thing all the'll never know unless you try. I used to own a bakery. The hours are tough but you meet so many nice and interesting people.

  2. Your goals sound great! Don't forget you could always start out by getting a job at a bakery, much easier than trying to open one and you'd get some valuable experience. Also, don't forget about self-publishing on Amazon, I've read several novels that were self-published there on Kindle and they're great. Check out Indie Blogger. Good luck, and PS, love the colors on your latest design!

  3. Your designs look awesome! Maybe you could get a job at a bakery and then manage the bakery? Kind of work your way up?


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