Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pumped up Salad

Morning! How was your Monday? Mine was MEH. As most Mondays usually are.  It didn't help that the check engine light came on in the car the night before and me, being a worry wart had all these vast thoughts of what could go wrong. I couldn't sleep knowing that he was going to be driving 45 minutes in the pitch dark on the highway at 4am in the morning so I signed us up for AAA at 2am. Just in case. I've been meaning to sign up anyway, this car issue was just a good reminder. It just happened to be  at 2am.

 Nervous Nessa. The name my mother coined, seems to fit me well. I know the check engine light can mean anything from a simple spark plug to something more complicated. It seems to drive fine, the AC sounds a little clunkety (is that even a word???) so we're not using that, but other than that, we think it's fine. But then again, neither of us are car experts.  We love our mechanic and apparently so does everyone else, so we couldn't get an appointment until  next Monday.  After a long list a questions,  the mechanic didn't seem too concerned or he would have taken it sooner. Life, sometimes…It's always something. But that's okay. Bacon makes everything better.  At least for a moment.

Did you have anything good for dinner last night?  My husband was less than thrilled when I told him I was making salad. I could hear the disappointment in his voice. I'm sure after finding out about the car he wanted something "good". And by good I mean greasy burgers and fries or a pizza, not a lame old salad.  I assured him that this was no lame salad and promised he'd like it. How could he not. It had bacon on it.  How can you go wrong with bacon?

Doesn't it look yummy?

Pumped up Salad

6oz baby spinach
6 oz mixed greens
1 head of romaine
2 carrots, sliced
2 stalks of celery, sliced
2 tomatoes, sliced
4 hard boiled eggs, cut up
1 small cucumber, sliced
1 red pepper
8 strips of bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled
2 generous handfuls of feta
2 cups of cold rotisserie chicken
Dressing and any other vegetable of your choice.

Combine all ingredients, in a large bowl, serve and enjoy.

And enjoy we did. Even John, who asked me to definitely make it again, as he devoured 3 helpings.  The only thing he did request was more bacon; I knew it would be a hit, it had bacon.

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  1. That salad looks delish! I'd definitely eat it. We had a pierogi casserole with spinach and turkey pepperoni. Yum! DH is eating the leftovers for lunch.


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