Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The packing continues...

I haven't had much time for posting but I'm home from work, and not tired so I figured I'd write a little something.

I swear I'm allergic to moving. Ever since I started packing, I seemed to have unearthed all this dust and whatever else that I never even knew about. Lol. I have a rash all over my chest and neck, my eyes are droopy, watery, itchy; my eyelids the same. Believe me, I clean very thoroughly but this being a very old house, dust seems to reappear the second I finish cleaning. Even though it's not a house that I expected to have by now, I'm very excited that this new apartment we're moving to is updated and modern. I know old houses have "charm" but I think for the "charm" to be appreciated it needs to be restored and updated -- If that makes any sense.

Tomorrow afternoon we go and get the keys. Yay! After we get them, we'll be headed over there to get a feel for the place, and take measurements for the new furniture that we will be needing. I plan on posting pictures so stop by tomorrow or Friday if you'd like to see pictures of an empty, unfurnished apartment. When we went to look at it, someone was living there, so it's going to be a bit strange seeing it empty.

Funny story for you -- The other day, Jacob was talking about moving and he was getting really excited to move because he can't wait to get his cat. I was so confused, because we don't have a cat. Well, when we went to look at the apartment, he was playing with the cat that was in the apartment. He thought, when you when we moved in, the cat automatically came with the place. I love the way kids think!

Well, that's all I've got for tonight!  Have a great day!


  1. Oohh, can't wait to see pictures! That's funny he thought he was getting a cat!

  2. Getting the keys is exciting! I loved the story about the cat. My daughter would jump at a chance like that (if it were true), LOL!


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