Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Layout & a Peek at my new Scrapbooking Space

Hey! Happy Tuesday. Guess what I did yesterday? I scrapbooked in my new craft space. Isn't that exciting?  Even though I have the same supplies (obviously!) it's so much easier to create in this new space. I don't have to move things to get to something else, I don't have to climb to get anything,  and I can actually sit in a chair without feeling squished or having to move it to get to something else.

My original plan was to have my craft space in the living room so I would be able to scrapbook at all hours of the night when I'm awake, but it didn't work out that way. The desk I have for scrapbooking didn't look good in the living room, so back to the bedroom it went (just like my old place). It actually fits really well in there and looks good too.

Now that I've lived here for a week and counting, I don’t know why I thought this place was so small. Yes, it's smaller than what I lived in before but the layout is more efficient which actually makes it look and feel bigger. The bedroom is huge! There are two bureaus, a nightstand, my scrapbooking desk, and a queen size bed and there is still tons of room to walk around comfortably. I even use it as my exercise room and don't bump into anything. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. It's definitely not small.

Now that my desk is set up and *most* of my stuff is put away, I decided to sit down and do some scrapbooking. One thing I've discovered since scrapbooking is that when I over think my layouts they don't come out as good but when  just let the ideas flow onto the paper, I like them better. This layout that I created today only took me a few hours and I didn't over think it. 

Embellishing and adding details is the hardest part of scrapbooking for me but I think I did a pretty good job with this layout.. First I choose the papers, then I arrange the photos and work my way from there. Then I add the details. Embellishing and adding detail is still something I'm still learning.

Even though I won't be able to scrapbook late at night, the way the room is set up, and the fact that there is actually room to move around, I see a lot more scrapbooking getting done than I have in the past. Maybe now I'll actually be able to put some of my supplies to good use without having to climb and dig for them. I guess I'll just have to continue to use my night time hours to work on the novel I'm *trying* to write.


  1. I think your scrap space looks great and I'm so glad you're figuring out the layout for everything! Love your layout!

  2. what a great idea to scrap about social media. your page looks fab !


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