Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bored and Pictures of the Apartment

*This post is picture heavy today!*
Happy Thursday! Can you believe it's August already??? Where did the summer go? Anyways,  How was your day? Mine was boring -- incredibly boring. I cleaned, cleaned and ugh, did I mention, clean????? … Yeah, so boring so I took some silly pictures for a scrapbook layout that I'm planning to make once I get set up in the new place. 

See? Can you tell I was bored? Lol. I have a vision of what the layout will be. I'm sure it won't come out anything like I'm picturing though. That always seems to happen.

Speaking of the new place, here are some pictures. Unfurnished of course.

The living room is the only room that doesn't have a ceiling light...hmm. I didn't notice that when I looked at it. Weird. Guess I shouldn't have sold my lamps. Oh well!

I'm not crazy about the blue, but oh well! I don't plan on living here forever

 First Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Back Porch. I have a vision or a couple chairs and some container gardens.

First view of the storage/laundry room

Another angle of the storage/laundry room

And the most important part, the kitchen. Tons of cabinet space! Yay.

I am very glad that I saw it furnished because it looks much smaller now that it's empty. It's definitely smaller than what I live in now, but it's workable. It's not the ideal place, but it's not permanent.  I sense a lot of changes coming in the next year.  It's going to be both scary and exciting!

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  1. The new place looks great! I bet you can't wait to get all moved in!


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