Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Tomorrow and Sunday we start moving! Oh boy. You should see the disaster right now. I have almost everything packed up but it feels so cluttered. John has a lot of running around to do tomorrow. He's got to go to sign paperwork for the storage unit, run some furniture that we can't take over to his parents house, drop some stuff off at the new place. Me, I get to make all the phone calls. Yay. Have I told you how much I hate the phone? If I haven't…I do. I will avoid it at all costs. It's kind of ironic that I have a job where I'm always answering phone. As much as I hate it, it's helped me break out of my shell quite a bit. Growing up I would avoid the phone at all costs, I even remember my mother made me call to order Pizza once…yeah, after crying for an hour I finally did it. It wasn't that bad, but I still hated the phone. At least while I'm making these phone calls I can sit in my pajamas and browse the Web. That's a plus!

Speaking of the Web….Starting Tuesday I will be without Internet access for two full day! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. When I found out they couldn't get anyone out there until Thursday, I wanted to cry.  LOL.  I'm not sure what "they" have to do, because I know how and where to plug stuff in….but I guess that's how it works. Seriously, the computer is my life. I think the computer is everyone's life this day and age. I recently deactivated my Smartphone to save some money and I'm actually considering reactivating it for that reason alone…well, that and my bill is pretty much the same, so switching to a basic phone really didn't make as much of a difference as I thought it was going to. Oh well!

So if I don't update my blog a lot this week. That is the reason. But I plan on coming back full force. Maybe I'll have the apartment [mostly] unpacked and put together by then, or maybe I'll even get some crafting done.

Ha-ha. I doubt it but it's wishful thinking.


  1. Moving is exciting, but definitely a lot of work! Lol. It will also be interesting not to have access to the internet for 2 full days! Either way, good luck with the move. :)

  2. I know it's crazy how dependent we've all become on the Internet! Maybe you'll get all your unpacking done though!!


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