Monday, October 14, 2013

Corsican Chicken

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Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Jacob has been asking me all weekend if we can go see fireworks. Lol. He thinks every holiday should have them. Even Christmas. I'd have to agree. I love a good fireworks display. So, do you all have any exciting plans for the day or are you working. Johns working this morning, so it's just me and Jacob hanging around the house. Then I get to work tonight.

Okay, maybe I'm crazy but I swear whenever I would cook the delicious smell of whatever I was making seemed more prominent with the gas range….Now I have electric and I feel like I can't smell anything. I've been using gas for almost 10 years and moving in to this place which has electric, has really made me miss it. It's probably just in my head because my husband says he can still smell it. Maybe the ventilation is better here.

Speaking of smells - this recipes smells delicious when it's simmering on the stove top. Corsican chicken. It's one of my favorite meals to make. I've made this Corsican chicken recipe numerous times before and I never get sick of it. It's so easy to make and it's just so good. You should try it. ;) The recipe is posted below. You actually could even make it in a crockpot...just add all the ingredients, and put the temperature on low for about 6 hours. Then you've got an easy meal all ready for you.

Corsican Chicken

3 Tbs. butter, softened
2 Tbs. herbs de Provence
1 tsp. salt
2 garlic cloves
4 chicken thighs
1 large onion chopped
1 cup beef broth (or 1 cup water, 1 tsp better than bullion)
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tsp. basil
1 tsp. parsley
1 15oz jar of sweet roasted red peppers.
Salt and pepper to suit your own taste
2 tsp cornstarch
1 Tbs. water

In a small bowl combine butter, salt, garlic. Rub on chicken. In a large saucepan (with a cover) brown chicken over medium heat. Add remaining ingredients; cover simmer about 30 minutes until chicken is cooked all the way through.  Remove chicken from pan, leaving the liquid.

Combine cornstarch and water in a small bowl then pour in to the remaining liquid. Simmer until thickened. Add chicken back and stir.

Serve over rice.

This is one of my favorite meals. I usually use 4 thighs because that's what comes in the packages I buy but this recipe works for 6 as well.


  1. I agree, all holidays should have fireworks! Haha! This recipe looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for joining Thursdays Treasures. I love this recipe. I am a sucker for anything with Herbes de Provence in it. This will be one of my features on Thursdays Treasures.


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