Tuesday, November 5, 2013

About Me Smash Book Progress

Hi There! Today's post is just going to be quick. I don't anything really interesting to chat about, so rather than fill a post with empty words,  I'll share couple of Smash Book pages that I completed in My About Me Smash Book. I hadn't worked on it for a while so yesterday I took it out and got the urge to create. I never thought that I would like this kind of scrapbooking, but I'm beginning to this I prefer this style over traditional scrapbooking. I still like traditional scrapbooking but it's nice to switch it up once in a while.

This first page is just venting about the "Blah" mood I was in. I like to include not so perfect things in my scrapbooks because that's not how life is. But, creating it, and making a pretty page about my "Blah" mood, definitely helped me snap out of it.

*excuse the funky bluish tinge. My camera is broken so I had to use my scanner...and I haven't quite figured the thing out yet*

This next page I created right after making my "Blah" page. I was out of the "Blah" mood and wanted to create something more positive and fun. I recorded my dreams of traveling. I haven't been to many places, but one day I hope to get to visit all the places I want to go.

That's all I've got for today. I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. Love these!! I like that you include the blahs too :)


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