Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy, Busy

Tsk. Tsk. I am a bad blogger. I seriously wonder how everyone have time, even with the common practice of scheduling post. I am just have a hard time finding the time to do anything lately. Jacob was on school vacation last week so we were busy keeping him entertained. I've also been working a lot more, and I just come home so exhausted that I don't want to do anything. There are a lot of changes going on. The Human resource lead position has been eliminated but the tasks have not so can you guess who gets to do them? Me! I'm excited actually, because human resources is something I've pondered doing in case this whole blogging/Etsy store/graphic design-following your dream thing doesn't work. We know I'm bad at blogging…sorry guys!...I try but I'm still going to keep at it and do all the other things too. I like posting actually, and writing. If you like reading and following, I'm more than happy to have you here and hope you stay throughout my sporadic postings. If I end up writing to empty space, that's okay too. I do this because I enjoy doing it and sharing the things I make.

One thing I have been working on is getting things ready to open an Etsy store with digital scrapbook stuff and printables. My original plan was to have it up and running by February….well, I wasn't expecting to be working essentially full time , so that date in my head has been pushed back a bit, but I'm hoping to get more things created by then, to make it worthwhile. I already have the store and everything set up. I just need the product. Here is a peek at one of the kits I've been working one.

Well that's it for today. See you the next time!

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