Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creative Time: Handmade Stamps

Technology can be very addicting. Sometimes it's so hard not to just turn on the computer or pick the phone up and browse (Pinterest! Blogs!) until your eyes hurt.  Lately I've been trying to cut back on computer time and actually get some actual crafting done instead of just looking for ideas.  I find that I am more creative at night, when everything is done and everyone is tucked nicely in to bed. The only problem with that, is my craft desk is in my bedroom.

Well, last night, I grabbed a big bucket and just filled it with various scrapbook supplies and challenged myself to create with whatever I could fit in bucket. Because I was crafting at the kitchen table and didn't have access to ever single supply (John was sleeping!) it was a real fun challenge. I ended up creating a mini scrapbook, which you can see a sneak here on the middle of the table. I also ended up carving some stamps.

I've been seeing handmade stamps all over Pinterest and I even pinned a few as inspiration. A few days ago, I picked up a 6 pack of white erasers from the dollar store in hopes of actually trying it. Well, last night I decided to give it a go. I didn't have the proper stamp carving tools and for the life of me, I couldn't find my xacto knife, so I settled for a box cutter. I have to say, considering I only had a dull box cutter, my stamps didn't come out too bad.  

It was really simple to do. All you do is draw or transfer an image onto the eraser with a pencil, then carve away the outline. So simple. Now I can't wait to find my xacto knife and create some more stamps.

Well, that's all I've got for today! 

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