Friday, February 14, 2014

Mini Album: Jot it down

Happy Valentines day!

Any Special plans for the evening? With our work schedules we weren't able to plan anything for tonight, but next Saturday we have a date day planned. Yay! I say date day because we're heading to IKEA, and since IKEA is over an hour away we decided to make a whole day of shopping down that way. We'll of course go to IKEA and make our way to some of the other shops there is in the plaza, then go to lunch and dinner. Since we're on a tight budget, It's been a while since we've done any leisurely shopping. I'm excited, I don't know about John though. LOL.

Anyway. Remember how I mentioned the other day I was working on a mini album? Well I finished it. Well, I wouldn't say finished it, more like assembled it.  I still have to fill it in with writing and add pictures and ephemera as I go along but it's ready to be put to use.

Here is a close up of the pages before assembly.

I don't know why I never made mini albums before. They're so fun to create. I want to make another one!

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  1. This turned out super cute! Your date day/night sounds wonderful :) I hope you have fun!

  2. This is adorable.
    I love that you can write so much in here.
    Aren't mini albums just so much fun :)


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