Tuesday, April 22, 2014

About Me Smash Book: Then & Now

Helllloooo Tuesday! I planned on typing up this post and scheduling it for today so you'd be able to read it this morning but I just couldn't keep my eyes open long enough for me to get anything down on paper….err…computer.  This post is picture heavy. :)

I tend to jump from project to project. It's how I keep myself sane. If I only had one hobby, I'm pretty sure I'd be bored to tears. Most of the time I'll start a project, do what I want to do, then put it aside and not look at it for months, then get the urge to work on it again. Same goes for my hobbies. I like so many things, but sometimes I'll stick with one for a period of time and totally forget about it until I get the urge to dive right again. Is anyone else like this? Or I'm I the only Wack-o? I can't be the only one….guys?right? 

I was laying in bed the other night and my smashbook was staring me right in the face. I hadn't opened it for a while and created a page so I decided that in the morning I was going to work on it. I don't go in any order. I looked over the pages I had done, then I looked through the blank pages to see if something would spark my creativity. 

I found it and created this two page spread. This layout is about I used to be so uncomfortable and insecure with myself in my younger days, but now, how I am completely comfortable with who I am whether anyone likes it or now.

One thing that drives me crazy about scrapbooking is I never seem to enough alphabet stickers. I always have to find ways to improvise with what I have to make a letter that I don't have. Like I've done here.

I love dimension and wanted the letters that were already printed on the page to pop so I outlined them with stickles.

A butterfly of course. And it fit perfectly in with the theme of my layout. I found these and many other great scrapbooking products at a hole in the wall dollar store at the local mall.

I was still feeling creative after that, so I turned a few pages and made another two page spread. That I'll save for another day though. :)


  1. I love your spread! I craft the same way you do--I do a little bit of everything, and tend to jump around to what I'm working on. I was into making bracelets for MONTHS last year--except I didn't finish most of them! I'd do the first few steps then leave them. One of my goals this year is to actually finish them and maybe use them as Christmas gifts.

  2. You are VERY motivated! I love seeing everyone's Smash Books! I haven't ventured into that yet. I have so much scrapbooking to get caught up on as it is & it isn't because I don't have enough supplies! LOL

  3. It looks great! Love the butterfly and outlined letters, very creative!!

  4. Wonderful pages! A great way to showcase how you've grown over the years. The right side is obviously very pretty and bright!

  5. Love all your detailed elements on this spread!

  6. Great pages... I haven't smashed in over a year!! Now I'm looking at my books on the shelf and thinking I need to get started again!


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