Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's official! My shop is open!

Hello!!!!!!! I am very excited to announce that my Etsy store is officially opened! Whooo Hoo! I know I'm going against all marketing standards, but the name is different than my blog. I didn't intend for it to be that way, but everything with a similar name was taken, so I came up with something unique….

I know what you're thinking….wth is voonboosiod?????!!! I'm actually kind of embarrassed because I HATED this name.. Well, since this is the name of my store, I might as well explain it to you. When my oldest sister was in 8th grade, she was in this weird phase of creating her own language. Well, since she had her own language, she needed to create names for the family that coincided with this said language. My siblings and I all received a name. Well, eventually she grew out of the phase and everyone's name  faded away except for mine which was Voonboosioid. It just kind of stuck and was catchy. Every once in a while the family will call me that, or one of the nicknames of the nickname which are Voon or Voony.

I cringe, but it's part of who I am so I figured I'd embrace it, and figured no other person on the planted would name their Etsy store or anything for that matter Voonboosoid. Only a few friends plus family know of the name, but now I'm announcing it to the entire world. So there you go.

If you're in to digital scrapbooking. I only have a few items there at the moment but I wanted to get it launched and I am always going to be creating new stuff, so stay tuned! I'm actually working on some summer paper and a summer digital kit at the moment. If you're in to digital scrapbooking please take a minute to check it out here

He're a peek of some of the kits I've been working on.

I've got a lot going on between this, my normal every day job, looking for a new everyday job, family, my store,  friends, etc but now that I've got the opening of this out of the way my time should be a little bit more manageable so I should be around for a few more days rather than just once a week.

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