Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have no fear: Smash Book layout

Sorry I was supposed to be up with this last night but I got side tracked so here's the post today.

Hello! I haven't forgotten about my blog today. Tomrrow will be my 7th day working… It wouldn't have been that way but I volunteered to work on my day off to get caught up on some paperwork. I also I was supposed to have tomorrow off but something came up so I had to switch with one of my lovely coworkers. I'm pooped!

I can not wait until Friday and Saturday. Two days off in a row. Whooo hoo! I'm just slightly excited.

Only slightly.

So, today I've got another smash book layout for you. This layout was inspired by change. There are a lot of changes going on in my life. Change is good. Some changes though, are tough. I'm not ready to talk about some of the things on here. I'm sure eventually It will come up. Possibly in a layout. We'll see when the time comes. One thing thought, is even though change can be tough, I truly believe that things will work out the way that they are supposed to.

This layout is about having no fear. I'm not afraid to admit that most of my life, I have let fear get in the away and I've missed so many opportunities and friendships because of it. I'm not sure why, but I was always a very insecure person and I was afraid of putting myself out there. I was afraid of failure, success, and being rejected or doing something wrong. I was also afraid to make a fool of myself, so I was always so quiet and cautious of the things that I said.

Not anymore. I still get nervous when talking to someone new or doing something new, but I refuse to let that discourage me from doing something. The more I do things that make me uncomfortable, the more comfortable I become. Funny how that works, huh? I've discovered a lot of good things by putting myself out there.  Rather than be insecure like I used to, and afraid, over the last few years, I've learned to accept my quirks and laugh at myself when I do something stupid. We all do stupid stuff once in while. It's not worth it. I've developed a sense of humor and poke fun at myself now. :) You're more likeable that way.

Since I've been doing all this serious stuff in my smash book lately, I just started a layout in it about how much I love the beach. :) I've got to add a little fun stuff in my About me Smash Book too. I've barely started hat page, so I'll show you that at a later date.


  1. Lift your wings and fly! Keep your positive attitude!!

  2. I love this Smash book layout. Committing your thoughts to paper is a great way to start your journey to whatever is next!


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