Monday, May 12, 2014

Scrapbook Layout: Thoughts on Sewing

Hey! How's you're Monday going? I hope all you moms had a spectacular Mothers Day yesterday. Did you do anything special? I worked. It's okay though. Saturday was my lazy day. And by lazy I mean, I didn't get out of my pajama's and laid in bed most of the day, reading or just browsing the web on my phone. At one point I thought about getting dressed and poutting makeup on, but by then it was almost dinner time, so I decided against it. My pj's look like regular clothes anyway, so it was all good. ;) Don't you love days like that? Being a Mom, or just an adult…there aren't many days for that anymore. I'll take it when I can.

Even though I was super lazy Saturday, I did have a burst of creativity hit me so I dug through my photos that I had printed previously and found one that I wanted to scrapbook. 

Sewing. I have a love hate relationship with sewing. I'm glad I know how to do, and every so often I get bit with sewing bug but overall I HATE it. I find it tedious and annoying. That's what this layout is about.

As you can see I love to scrapbook a wide variety of things. I scrapbook for me, but I hope one day in the future when I'm gone somebody somewhere will appreciate looking through my albums to get a true sense of who I am.


  1. Love the sewing elements you added with the banner. Cute documentation!


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