Friday, May 2, 2014

Smash Book: Career Goals

 I was searching Google today for advice on following your heart, your dream and anything in between.  I think I was looking for a justifiable reason to put more effort into my blog and Etsy store. I'm not sure why exactly, because John gives me so much support and confidence, and I don't doubt myself that this is something I NEED to do. I can feel it in my bones. Have you ever got that feeling? I know that if I stick with it, Eventually everything will fall in to place. I think I just wanted reassurance almost that putting so much time and effort into it would be worth it.

It is.  I've never felt so sure about anything in my life.

As you can tell from my blog name. I don't want to follow the same path as everybody else. Its just not in me. I can do a "regular" job and I work a "regular" job at the moment and have been since I was of age to work but I just don't feel any passion towards it. I've dipped my toes in to other things but it was the same thing. I need passion if this is something I'm going to do, potentially, for the rest of my life.

 I just want to do something that would make me happy. I want to remain my true self, and have my creativity grow.  I love sharing things I make cook and create with people. It makes me happy to blog.  Blogging and my Etsy store are just an extension to that. I don't care about the income. I love to do it. I think to succeed at anything you need to have a passion for it.

This layout documents my goals for *hopefully* making this or my store or whatever else comes my way pertaining to graphic/design, cooking, scrapbooking, writing or the four of them somehow combined.
If it doesn't happen, I wont be disappointed because at least I can say I tried it. :)

*As a side note and a not so serious thing…scrapbookers will understand..Do you ever feel you never have enough letters??? Especially vowels. I'm always looking for ways to improvise as I've done with the photo above. It's nuts. I find myself buying 3 sheets of stickers just for the vowels and the others just go to waste. To all those Awesome scrapbook manufacturers out there: GIVE US MORE VOWELS. LOTS OF THEM.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and if you participate in National Scrapbooking Day, do a little creating for me. I'll be working. Boo.  See you Monday!



  1. What a great post Vanessa and I hope the Etsy store is a huge success for you :)

  2. May you find success with your goals. And yes, I agree about vowels. :)


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