Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Smash Book Layout: The Beach

Happy Tuesday! Did you all survive the dreaded Monday? I did! Thankfully. The weather here has been gorgeous so I've been taking a lot of nice long walks. Sun and warm weather are my kind of thing. Winter…I like it for about a week when it's all new and pretty but after that I am done. Bring on the sunshine!

Speaking of sunshine. I have a new Smash Book layout for you. Since I've been doing so many serious sounding layouts in my About Me Smash Book, I wanted to add something a little fun too. This layout is just a simple layout about how I love spending the day at the beach.

I don't have much to explain about this layout. It took me probably a half and hour to complete. Again, I didn't use any pictures. I just wanted to portray that I could spend all day at the beach.

Anyone else enjoying this gorgeous weather? I can't be the only one ready for beach weather. :)


  1. What a great page to add to your smash book!! I love the nice weather too!!


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