Thursday, June 19, 2014

Digital Layout and some Thursday Ramblings

Have you ever had weeks where you feel like all you do is think? This week is one of those weeks. I just keep thinking about everything. I've had a lot of eye opening things happen that made me rethink a lot of things, and the way that I am or how I am doing things. I've been thinking about how far off the path I have gone from my original goal, only to be back at square one. Just thinking how I didn't see things sooner, or have my life figured out sooner when it was right under my nose to begin with.  I just wonder how things would have change.

As much as I'm thinking about it, I know the only thing that can be done is to move forward and learn from it. I believe things happen for a reason so there must be a reason I didn't have things figured out when life was easier. Who knows. Just lots and lots of things going through this crazy brain of my. I know change happens gradually but once I have a clear idea of what I want, I want everything to happen in one day. Lol. I know it's not going to happen that way though.

Anyway. Enough with the serious stuff! :) Now time for the fun!!

Going along with the theme of 'What I want to do with my life', I've been busy working on some kits for my store. Graphic Design in some form is definitely something that I want to incorporate into my life. Since I've been making digital kits and printable Project life cars, I figured I'd better show some examples on how they're used. Seems logical, right?  Everything used in this layout was created by me.

As I creating this layout and playing around in Photoshop I realized it looked NOTHING like the kit I created so it's back to the drawing board I go to tweak some things and make it into something that's more my style and more of what seems to be selling.  What do you think?


  1. I think the layout turned out great and showing how your kits and cards are used is a great idea! I've seen a lot of people Pin their own items on Pinterest with a link to their Esty store. Maybe you could do that too, if you're not already. haha!

  2. Your layout looks great. I love that chevron overlay circle! Cute!


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