Thursday, June 26, 2014

Digital Project Life my way

Hello! I've been thinking a lot lately…If you haven't guessed that already by my posts. Lol. I'm still going to be posting recipes and my usual writing on this blog, but you'll probably be seeing more of an abundance of scrapbook layouts, digital layout and digital project life. I figure since I have an Etsy store offering digital products It would probably be a good idea to show how those products are used more often than I do. Scrapbooking and creating is a hobby that I am passionate about and I want to provide others with inspiration as others have provided for me.

I've been wanting to dip my toes into Project Life for a while but thought my life was too boring to even think about doing it. Well I've been seeing a lot of Project Life spreads on Pinterest as well as on lots of blogs. While I don't have the budget to go out an buy all the product, I do have the knowledge of Photoshop Elements, and have created lots of paper, embellishments, and kits, so I figured I'd use what I had and test out a a layout. Everything used in this layout is product I create and is available in my store, or shapes and things that are available in Photoshop Elements.

I threw caution to the wind with this layout. I turned on some music and just started creating. No plan or anything. And I am very happy with the results. I don't know if I'll be documenting every single week, but this is something I enjoyed and will be continuing. It also inspired me to want to create some more things and to take photos of something other than food.

These are the kits I used and are available here:

See you the next time!


  1. Your layout looks great Vanessa! You know, that's why I started doing PL in the first place, I was taking pictures of the same things, the same events and I was tired of it. PL has gotten me to take pictures of the every day things in our lives that I otherwise would have skipped over :)

  2. This is a cute Digi PL page! Yes, you should do more of it. Cute selfie!!!! And glad to see the sprinkles on the fried dough :P


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