Monday, June 30, 2014

Life lessons and Digital Project Life

Good Morning! I've got another digital Project Life layout for  you and some ramblings about life and lessons. 

(Products I used that weren't mine: Alphabet,swirl and yellow label -Sweet Shoppe Designs; Pink flower - Designs by Anita; Postage Stamp frame -; What's up? sticker - Citrus and Mint)

I know I've written a lot about change and goals on here lately and I've meant everything that I've said but the Things that have been happening in the last few months have really opened my eyes to really want to work towards progress. Not that I didn't want to before, I kind of was more relaxed about it, almost expecting things to just happen. I hate admitting I have flaws but I'm human - but I have done a lot of things wrong. And it's affected the outcome of my entire life.

I'm not going to mention names, but someone recently said something to me that really hit home. Granted this person I'm guessing said it for their own personal gain (you'd have to know the situation which I'm not getting into here) but what they said made a lot sense. I knew it in the back of my mind, but no one had ever said it so bluntly to me before. When I heard it, I moped around feeling sorry for myself for a day, thinking all kinds of angry thoughts - basically having the "poor me" attitude. Well, later on that day after thinking thoroughly about it, it clicked. I know this person meant it in a different context but what they said reigned true for many areas in my life. Whoa! I've never been hit so hard with something before.  

Without going in to detail, because I could write about this forever and all that I've learned from it, but I let a crappy situation determine the entire outcome of my life.  I just kind of gave up on everything and settled because I didn't feel like I deserved anything. And since I figured I didn't deserve anything good, why even put effort in to anything. What was the point?

When I realized that this kind of thinking was totally wrong, I stopped feeling sorry for myself.  I know people say things don't change overnight, but for me they do. Not that I'm expecting my life to change entirely within 24 hours, because I don't expect that, but once something clicks with me, I know what needs to be done to promote change. Not only what this person said to me, but so many strange things have been happening with regards to this same subject - lessons in the novels I've been reading, talks with random strangers, a talk I had with someone at work, so many things…

I'm an emotional person and once I realize something I either want to apologize, thank (or both) the person for helping me see the light so to speak. I tried to apologize and I'm sure I came off as a little crazy but right now, an apology isn't being accepted. And it's okay, it's just another lesson learned.

So many darn lessons. If only life could be simple.


  1. Good for you for taking charge of your life! Love the page!

  2. Your digi PL pages are great :)
    Funny how life gives you signs…good and bad :)

  3. What a great layout!! This is my favorite one so far!! Sometimes we have to hear things we don't want to hear to push us forward :)


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