Friday, June 6, 2014

Ramblings and a Recipe

I am sorry for not being around lately. I've been trying to pick up as many hours as I can at work, plus I've been interviewing for some full time positions. Interviewing…bleck. As a textbook introvert, interviews are pure torture for me. I'm confident in my abilities when it comes work, and my answers  are correct because I researched the heck out of them, typed them up, said them out loud and asked for feedback. I tend to be too serious when it comes to interviews. With anything really. Once I'm comfortable and get a feel for the environment and the people I am around, I open up and become more "bubbly". Someone I used to work with called me bubbly once…..I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. I've never considered myself a bubbly person unless I am with those I know really well.  I'm friendly and pleasant with everyone I meet though, so maybe that's why he thought that? Who knows.

I've also been working on some things for my store.  I actually made this kit a while ago but wasn't thrilled with it so I kind of just forgot about it. Since creating more and learning new things in Inkscape and tweaking some things, I decided to finish it up and add it to my store. It's funny because I don't normally use this color scheme, but 2 out of my 3 sales have been for the coordinating journal cards….so…maybe the color scheme isn't that unpopular. It was nice to step out of my comfort zone and use colors I normally wouldn't use.

Graphic design is something I most definitely want to incorporate in to my life. The more I sit down and create and think about it the more I want it. If only I had this figured out when I was actually going to school for it. Ha. It's okay though, even though it took me a long time I needed to take the path that I took because it's helped me grow so much as a person. It's also really made me think about what I want, not just career wise, but in life in general.

Annnnyyyway. I've got a quick and easy recipe for you to end the week…or start the weekend since this blog post is super late. Sorry about that!

The recipe is from Taste of Home

I actually got this recipe from Taste of Home. The only things I did differently were I used all black beans (didn't have navy beans) threw everything in a large pot on the stove, put it on medium heat and stirred it once in a while.

Well! I hope you all have a good weekend! See you next week!


  1. I hope one of the interviews works out!! What's funny about your kit, and making things for other people, I think, is that you never know what other people are going to like :) I love taste of Home! My sister got me a subscription after we first got married!!

  2. Your kit is great, I love the colours!!
    I don't know anyone who likes to go for an interview.
    My middle daughter has social anxieties and this is hindering her at interviews.
    Good luck with yours :)

  3. Best of luck for interviews!! Keep up the work with your designs, you are doing great!


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